Too Cool for School

Health foods get a bad rap. Once the word "healthy" is attached to something, it's likely to get the thumbs down from most kids. So instead of trying to serve them "healthy stuff", let's just go with a goal of not serving them junk food.

You see, if we can just make food that seems pretty cool, instead of obviously nutritious, our kids will be less likely to go running for the nearest drive thru after school. Take these pizza tacos for example. Made with ground chicken, California Ripe Olives and green peppers, they're full of familiar flavors that kids already love, without all of the added fat and preservatives that they can do without. In fact, they're so delicious, I'm thinking they're a little too cool for school. Serve them at dinnertime with a side salad or steamed broccoli so the whole family (including mom) can enjoy 'em!

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