California Ripe Olives: Deep Roots, Bright Future

The “California Ripe Olives: Deep Roots, Bright Future” mini-documentary explores the origin story of California Ripe Olives. The video covers the start of olive growing in California by Spanish missionaries; the discovery and entrepreneurial spirit of Freda Ehmann in developing a unique process for curing olives; and innovations within the industry. Alberta Tracy and Nancy Brower of the Butte County Historical Society lend their historical expertise to tell Freda’s story. California Ripe Olive growers Dennis Burreson, Mike Silveira and Carolina Burreson share their experiences as multi-generational farmers, highlighting key milestones in the story of the California Ripe Olives, explaining the proprietary process that olives go through after they’re picked, and discussing what makes California Ripe Olives so special.