Canadian Food Service Recipes


Dark Chocolate and Black Olive Fondant with Olive Oil Ice Cream and Black Olive Cookie Crumb

Recipe developed by The Vancouver Club Culinary Team

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Classic Olive Oil Cake with a twist

Recipe developed by the culinary team led by Chef James Holmes

Olive oil cakes are wonderful, but have you ever tried them made with actual olives too? Developed by the culinary team led by Chef James Holmes, this recipe was the winner in a Canadian cookoff held in Kelowna BC.

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Stuffed Squash with Rice and Black Olives

Recipe developed by Chef & Nutritionist Rachel Bies in collaboration with USA Rice

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Rice Pudding Cake with Olive Fig Caramel

Recipe developed by Maggie Frith in collaboration with USA Rice

U.S. grown Arborio rice is perfect for rice pudding but did you know you can transform this classic dessert into a wonderful cake as well? Top the cake with a balanced sweet and salty caramel made with California Ripe olives and fresh figs.

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Chicken Ballotine

Recipe developed by Joe Friday in collaboration with USA Rice

Explore this sophisticated chicken recipe featuring California Ripe Olives and USA Rice. These two ingredients are an ideal combination for enhancing any dish. With USA Rice being as close to home you can get here in Canada, and the delightful buttery flavour of California Ripe Olives, you'll be inspired to incorporate them into every culinary creation. Guests will love this recipe so I hope you give it a try.

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Saffron Rice & Olive Bowl

Recipe developed by Dwight Smith in collaboration with USA Rice

This beautiful combination of flavours includes California Ripe Olives, known for their balanced and less salty taste, alongside premium U.S.-grown Basmati rice and savoury Za'atar steak bites, creating an exceptional culinary experience.

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Lamb Skewers with Olive Rice Pilaf

Recipe developed by Laura Maxwell in collaboration with USA Rice

These pan-roasted spiced Lamb skewers are served with a green olive and brown rice pilaf topped
with fresh tomato, feta cheese and more ripe black olives. The recipe will serve four or enjoy this for dinner and then again as a bowl for lunch the next day.

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Hawaiian Fried Rice with Olives

Recipe developed by Siobhan Detkavich in collaboration with USA Rice

This quick meal solution is a terrific way to use up leftover rice. Green olives compliment the pineapple, peppers, onion and ham.

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Oliva e Carciofo Pizza

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Daniel Janetos

This California Ripe Olive and Artichoke Pizza is unlike others, you can actually taste the smooth, melt in your mouth olives!

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Deep fried Garlic-Cheesy stuffed California Ripe Olives with Roasted Pepper & Garlic Dipping Sauce

Recipe from the Thistletown Collegiate Team

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Seafood Fideuá with California Ripe Olives

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Chris Zielinski

California Ripe Olives are the secret star to this dish, elevating the overall depth of flavour to new heights.

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Tomato Gazpacho with California Ripe Olive Dust

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Keith Pears

The natural flavour from our California Ripe Olives enhances rather than overwhelms this elegant gazpacho. Consider using Olive Dust made with California Ripe Olives to create a point of differentiation in other dishes like pastas and salads too!

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Chanterelle Mushroom and California Ripe
Olive Ragout

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Dan Craig

California Ripe Olives are a great choice for this recipe by Chef Craig, Executive Chef at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Ontario. The olives are used in two ways, to provide just the right texture and taste in both a versatile ragout and as an ingredient in the ravioli.

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California Ripe Olive Bruschetta Recipe

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Raymond Costain

California Ripe Olives were the feature ingredient at a Culinary Contest held at Thistletown Chef’s Harvest Party (2022) with distinguished chefs competing for the tastiest dish. Chef Costain, from Dope as Duck restaurant in Etobicoke, Ontario was the first-place winner with this versatile recipe. He commented, “We loved using the olives to enhance the flavour profile of the Braised beef and Potato Gnocchi. The savoury, smooth and delicious California Ripe Olives brought a whole new depth to our dish!” Try this yourself – it’s delicious as bruschetta and as a topping to augment full meals.

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