Canadian Food Service Recipes

Tomato Gazpacho with California Ripe Olive Dust

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Keith Pears

The natural flavour from our California Ripe Olives enhances rather than overwhelms this elegant gazpacho. Consider using Olive Dust made with California Ripe Olives to create a point of differentiation in other dishes like pastas and salads too!

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Chanterelle Mushroom and California Ripe
Olive Ragout

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Dan Craig

California Ripe Olives are a great choice for this recipe by Chef Craig, Executive Chef at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Ontario. The olives are used in two ways, to provide just the right texture and taste in both a versatile ragout and as an ingredient in the ravioli.

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California Ripe Olive Bruschetta Recipe

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Raymond Costain

California Ripe Olives were the feature ingredient at a Culinary Contest held at Thistletown Chef’s Harvest Party (2022) with distinguished chefs competing for the tastiest dish. Chef Costain, from Dope as Duck restaurant in Etobicoke, Ontario was the first-place winner with this versatile recipe. He commented, “We loved using the olives to enhance the flavour profile of the Braised beef and Potato Gnocchi. The savoury, smooth and delicious California Ripe Olives brought a whole new depth to our dish!” Try this yourself – it’s delicious as bruschetta and as a topping to augment full meals.

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