Superbowl Foods That Score Big Time


For some it's all about the game (snooze...), others watch for the commercials, and then there's me. In my universe, it's the sport of cooking. Can you think of a better audience than a bunch of couch potatoes downing 6-pack after 6-pack? In my experience, there is none. My secret: keep it simple and keep it coming! Here are my top pick Superbowl foods of all time:

1. Nachos: This is no time for cutting corners. I'm talking real shredded cheddar, jack or jalapeno jack melted over tortilla chips topped with beans, freshly diced onions, jalapeno rings, sliced California Ripe Olives and minced cilantro. Serve with sour cream, salsa and guacamole of course. Make your own for extra points. Rotate in two batches, one at kick-off and the other just before halftime.

2. California Ripe Olives: Whole, pitted, or course. All you need to do is drain and serve to make sure you're in the game the whole time the ball's in play.

3. Chicken Wings: Discard the tips and split each wing in half at the joint. Then, it's just a matter of time. One hour at 450°F to be exact. Combine your favorite hot sauce with a generous amount of melted butter and toss with those golden roasted hot wings. Serve with blue cheese or ranch dressing (whose side are you on?) and a bounty of celery and carrot sticks to cool off between bites.

4. Bowl o' Chili: A crowd can't survive on finger foods alone. Need a recipe? This Chipotle Olive Turkey Chili will keep the crowds roaring.

5. Pizza: Guess what? You'll get it a lot quicker tonight if you don't call the delivery guy. Make your own from scratch or purchase a few rounds of prepared dough. Top with variety of favorites or create a game day original based on your teams colors.