Raising Healthy Kids

We're all dealing with a huge issue right now and it's called childhood obesity.  Whether it's your kid or the one down the street, it's something that we need to address, and the time is now. Do you realize the experts are saying that they expect the number of obese kids to double to 287 million by the end of this decade?

Kids need vitamins, minerals, whole grains, healthy fats and proteins to function at their best and grow to their potential. Just like adults, they need to limit their intake of refined sugars and avoid foods loaded with trans fats and high fructose syrup.

With the breadth of fresh fruits and vegetables available year round and the predominance of convenience foods on the market, it's simpler to make nutritious food for your kids than it ever was before. Unfortunately, the convenience of fast food and processed alternatives can blind us to our options. Don't let it happen to you.

Start with familiar foods that your kids enjoy and build from there. Even old stand-bys like pizza, tacos and pasta are nutritious if you focus on the right ingredients. Gravitate towards whole grains, provide plenty of fruits and vegetables and flavor with reliable sources like California Ripe Olives which add monounsaturated fats. Just remember, whatever you choose, everyone's going to notice a huge difference when meals are homemade.