Olives Make Picnic Food Good to Go

Whether you're picnicking with friend or supplying food for the class pot luck, one of the hardest things about bringing homemade food outside of your home is transporting it successfully. Often times good food goes wrong simply because of logistics. Avoid these problems by considering your delivery strategy in advance.

Dress for Success. In charge of the greens? Consider toting your dressing separately and tossing it in as partygoers arrive. Too often salads wilt on the pot luck table because they're dressed at home, well before they hit the table.

Go undercover. Make sure to keep hot foods hot by covering platters with heavy duty foil. Plastic wrap will keep foods from swaying around on platters, but foil is best to keep temperatures up to par.

Choose ingredients carefully. Remember to prepare foods that travel well. Fried, crunchy foods that are best straight from the oven are best eaten at home. Flexible foods like California Ripe Olives and roasted peppers, whose flavors and textures remain consistent in all sorts of recipes, are perfect picnic, tailgate party and pot luck faire.