Lunchbox Lottery

Swapping sandwiches is so prevalent in the school cafeteria, it's practically part of the curriculum. For the kids it's all about getting the tastiest treats. It's us parents who have to figure out how to fuel 'em up on things that not only look and taste delicious, but are good for them too. Nearly impossible right? No way. Remember, we're the adults here. We can figure them out.

Start with foods that your kids already love and work from there. I'm not talking orange cheesy puff sandwiches, but take something else, say ketchup and run with it… Since it has the antioxidant lycopene, ketchup  "counts" in the veggie category in my book. Incorporate it into and on top of these "Meatloaf Minis" and you've got some delicious delights for the tots, tweens and teens. What they do know is that they're yummy. What they don't is that they're getting  protein from low fat ground turkey, whole grains from rolled oats and monounsaturated fats from California Ripe Olives. Now that's using your thinking cap!

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