Grocery Shopping Tips Avoid Extra Spending

How do you keep your pantry stocked, your meals appealing, and your diet healthy - all without breaking the bank? By picking up some tips on how to be a savvy shopper, of course.

  • Stock your pantry with flavor boosters to provide appeal and flavor to your favorite recipes. Spice rubs, dry chilies, canned black olives, jarred roasted peppers, canned artichoke hearts, picked veggies: capers and pepperoncinis, dry mushrooms, flavored vinegars, dry fruits.
  • Plan before you shop. Take the time to do a quick inventory of your pantry and determine what you need for a few meals at a time. Try to cut down on the number of trips you make to the grocery store each week.
  • Avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry - Or you may find yourself purchasing extra foods that are not planned for.
  • Take advantage and organize your coupons, rebates, and frequent shopper programs.
  • Try store brands (generic brands) for favorite foods.
  • Take a moment to read nutrition labels. Consider serving size, nutrients, and prices.
  • Be aware of what marketing claims refer to, words such as "lite" or " fat free" , multigrain vs whole grain, read the label to see what the terms really mean.
  • Health conscious shoppers know that the perimeter of the store is a great place for baked goods, dairy, fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables. Take advantage of the center aisle for canned goods and whole grain cereals.
  • Consider canned foods or frozen vegetables and fruits to fresh, when pricing is high for fresh or you need out-of-season ingredients.
  • Shop according to the seasons for produce, try your local farmers market for great deals.
  • Recognize that the added cost of washing, peeling, chopping, and bagging veggies and fruits for your convenience are passed on to you. Select the same varieties of without all the convenience and packaging.