Get the Most from your Meals

No, I'm not saying you should run out to your favorite superstore and purchase the biggest plates in stock. More is not always better! Instead, create delicious meals full of interesting flavors, textures and colors and your family will fill up on enough of the good stuff to keep the cravings in check. Make sure to serve well-balanced meals or at the very least serve foods from all the major food groups (no, chocolate is not one of them) throughout the day. Start young and tots will gravitate towards foods that their bodies need, not those that marketing mavericks want them to have.

Old and young, we all seem to love pizza. Whether it's the gooey cheese or the zesty sauce, I'm not quite sure. Bottom line is, if you disguise healthy foods with pizza flavors, your kids will feel like they're getting a treat and you'll feel pretty good, knowing that you've steered their little hands in the right direction...(Away from the junk food drawer for once). Seasoned with your favorite sauce, California Ripe Olives and parmesan cheese, and fortified with spinach and chicken breast for vitamins and protein these Parmesan Chicken Pizza Rolls make the most of any plate in the house.

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