Five Easy Apps Make Entertaining More Palatable

herbed-mozzarella-olives-555pxWhy throw a party if it’s too much work to enjoy it? Prepare a few killer apps ahead of time and you’ll feel more festive for the whole affair.

  • Roasted Garlic Stuffed Olives: Puree roasted garlic with a pinch of thyme and black pepper, then place into a sealable plastic baggie. Cut one of the bottom corners of the baggie, and pipe roasted garlic puree into the center of each California Ripe Olive.
  • Marinated Olive Antipasto: Place California Ripe Olives in a bowl with your favorite herbs and veggies. Toss with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and allow to sit for a few hours before the party. Believe it or not, these will actually get better while resting on the buffet table. Try Herbed Mozzarella Olives and see where a little do ahead time will get you.
  • Mediterranean Roasted Olives: Drain a can of California Ripe Olives and heat them in a little olive oil with aromatics like onions or garlic, some herbs and your favorite nuts. All it takes is about 10 minutes in the oven and you’ve got a new party favorite. Check out our video on Mediterranean Roasted Olives to see how it’s done.
  • Pesto Baked Olives: Combine fresh breadcrumbs with prepared pesto sauce. Stuff into the cavity of each California Ripe Olive and bake in a 400F-degree oven for 10-15 minutes until heated through.
  • Roasted Pepper Wrapped Olives: Stuffed each California Ripe Olive with a small piece of goat cheese. Wrap with a 1/2 inch thick slice of roasted red pepper and secure with a skewer.