CROs Make Tailgating FUN

Tailgating, while fun, is sometimes a little tricky. It's not just a question of cooking, but transporting, preserving, serving. All of these things are so simple when hosting a party at home. Well, here's the deal, you don't have to get all balled up over it. Instead remember these plays to score big with your team, while making it to kick-off without a fumble.

  • ETA: Plan a scheduled time of arrival at least a few hours before the game. It'll give you plenty of time to scope out your spot, set up the grill, cook the food and EAT! Tell your friends where you'll be and when so the lot doesn't fill up before they find parking.
  • BBQ: Break out the portable grill and have at it. Marinate meats and veggies on the way to the game and slap 'em over the coals when you get there. There's no better way to have a fresh hot meal.
  • ICE: Bring plenty of it. Make sure to divide it into cooler ice and beverage ice. Cooler ice is essential for keeping meats and other prepared foods at safe temperatures, while the remainder is necessary for a frosty brew.
  • CAN: Don't forget California Ripe Olives and other pre-game favorites that require absolutely no prep. Keep a can opener in the car for MVP status.
  • DIP: Provide a variety of dips, from hummus to this creamy Olive Artichoke Party Dip to a simple salsa. No extra utensils required and they'll keep the gang in the zone until mealtime.