Balancing Kids’ Diets

The thing about feeding kids is that it's always a balancing act. It's important to feed them what's necessary for proper growth and development, while teaching them healthy habits that will stick with them for life.

We all know that kids need lots of calcium for their bones to grow, but did you know that they also need plenty of fats, including saturated and unsaturated fats, to absorb vitamins and nutrients and develop a good head on their shoulders…That's pretty important too, wouldn't you say?

Why not take advantage of this? Particularly when paired with whole grains, fruits and vegetables, good fats-monounsaturated fats and a controlled amount of saturated fats- can round out a healthy diet. (And get your kids to eat a lot of foods that they'd otherwise oppose!)

Take this recipe for instance. Hidden within this rich creamy sauce that no kid can resist are broccoli florets, peas and whole grains. Of course, California Ripe Olives float around giving them a little extra treat in every bite. The best part is it won't take you any longer to prepare than that plain ol' blue box of mac 'n cheese you've been using for years. I told you new is newsworthy!

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