Activity 1

Your Checkup!

Bzzz! It's time to get up and start your day. For most of you, that means going on auto-pilot. You do the same things each day without thinking about what you do. Take a minute to reflect on what you think and do. Use the statements below to get started. Mark the answers that best apply to you. If you mark Other, fill in the blank.

Part I

1. To quench my thirst I usually go for the following beverage.
check boxWater        check boxSoft Drink         check boxOther:_________

2. When at fast food places, I usually order_________-size portions.
check boxRegular      check boxKid        check boxSuper

3. After school I like to do the following:
check boxWatch TV     check boxPlay Outside       check boxOther:______

4. Overweight among kids in the United States is a problem.
check boxAgree    check boxDisagree      check boxDon't Know

5. My favorite type of snack is ___________.
check boxChips    check boxFruit      check boxOther:_________

6. I feel that I am at a good weight for my height and build.
check boxYes  check boxNo    check boxNot Sure

7. I watch TV ________ a day.
check boxLess than 2 hours        check box3-5 hours         check boxMore than 5 hours

8. Being overweight generally is caused by too many calories and not getting enough physical activity.
check boxAgree    check boxDisagree      check boxDon't Know

9. I usually snack while I watch TV.
check boxYes        check boxNo

10. I would describe my physical activity level as ______.
check boxCouch Potato     check boxOk      check boxGreat

11. I usually have ________ snacks each day.
check box1-3    check box4-6    check box7 or more

12. Being overweight can lead to health problems such as diabetes.
check boxAgree    check boxDisagree      check boxDon't Know

Part II

Now look back at your answers to learn about your thoughts and your habits about good health. On the back of this sheet, use that information to write a brief description of yourself. What is a typical day like for you? Do you tend to eat a lot of junk food? How active are you? Do you spend a lot of time sitting around watching TV or playing video games?