Teacher’s Guide

Dear Educator:

We are pleased to present you with this free, multi-disciplinary educational program, Food for Thought, developed in cooperation with the California Olive Committee as part of their ongoing campaign to raise nutritional awareness through outreach to schools and families.

Food for Thought is a standards-based, ready-to-use program designed for use with students in grades 3-5 as a supplement to your health, social studies and mathematics curricula. Through the program's exciting, interactive learning activities, students utilize important thinking, research and math skills as they become more aware of the nutritional value of the foods they eat, learn all about their home state and solve challenging math problems.

We hope you enjoy using Food for Thought with your students and we encourage you to share it with your colleagues. Although the materials are copyrighted, you have permission to make as many copies as needed for educational purposes.

In addition, we have included three copies of the program wall poster to make sharing even easier. At LearningWorks, we are constantly working to fulfill the needs of both students and educators. Your feedback is very important to us in this effort, so please take a moment to complete and return the enclosed Response Card.


Dr. Dominic Kinsley
Editor in Chief