Activity 4

On the Right Path!



* To encourage students to set goals for following a healthy lifestyle.

This activity encourages students to use the information they have learned in this program to set themselves goals that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Even small changes in diet and exercise can make a difference. Suggest to students that they start small and gradually incorporate more healthy foods into their diet and add more exercise.

Follow-up Activities

1. Post a class list near the classroom door where students can track their lifestyle improvements. Each day individual students place a check next to their names if they have eaten at least one healthy snack or meal, and another check if they have done some form of exercise.

2. Students can pair up so they have goal buddies. The students then check on each other to encourage them to keep to their goals and share thoughts about what they ate or how they exercised.

3. At the end of the week encourage students to bring their charts back to school to share their accomplishments with classmates and to help each other in making new action plans to keep on the right path.