Activity 4

Olive Math

Some olive math challenges are on this page. Sharpen your pencils. Then get going and sharpen your math skills as you figure out the answers..

1. Larissa and her dad are making cheese and olive burritos for a party. They plan to make 11 burritos. The recipe calls for 8 black ripe olives in each burrito. How many cans will they need to buy if each can contains 15 olives?

2. Your mom has sent you to the store to buy black ripe olives. She wants you to get as many cans as possible for $10. Each can costs $1.29. How many cans will you be able to buy?

3. It's pizza time! Your mom knows that everyone is hungry, so she orders two pizzas. Each pizza is cut into 8 slices.There are four people in your family. If each person gets an equal number of slices, how many will each person get?

Each piece has two black ripe olives sliced on it. How many olives does each person get?

4. Oscar is trying to limit the grams of fat he consumes each day. His doctor has said that his nightly snack should not be more than 75 calories. He loves big black ripe olives known as Jumbos. He's not worried about the fat because olives have 'good fat.' Each Jumbo olive has 7 calories. How many olives can he have?

More Olive Challenges

5. Color in 1/3 of the olives shown below.

6. Olivia has 24 olives to divide equally into 3 bowls. How many should go in each bowl?

7. Your friend has offered to give you 3/6 of her olives. What is another way of saying that amount?

8. Mike is making olive sticks for a party. The drawing shows the stick with one olive on it. How many olives will Mike fit on the stick?
Answer: 4  6  8